Saturday, March 6, 2010

Korbinian - Blackpool Freak Show

Hello Folks in the Digital Wasteland,

sorry for taking such a long break.

Some weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the World largest Magic Convention, taking place in the wonderful, quiet Blackpool. Never seen that much freaks at one place. But it was nice though.

Probably everyone who was also participating, will have his own opinion, about this event, but nevertheless I want to tell you about a few things.

The first thing would be the dealers hall. Wuhu, I've never seen that much rubbish, probably 50 percent of the dealers, were selling the same stuff, but on the other hand, if someone was digging deeply enough, there were real pearls to discover.

For instance Shoot Ogawa, who was often personally at his booth and demonstrating his stuff. Quite interesting material, performed in superb quality but a really nice person. But there was also this really saddening experience. Everything he demonstrated, could be bought. Even routines, he is currently using himself. Everything well thought through and incredibly difficult, just like we love it. But, even I don't know why, it makes me sad to see, that he is selling everything.

It seems to be a symptom of this fast living times. Develop something, perform it and then produce a DVD. Makes me sad. Some friend told me that Paul Gertner has held his routines nearly 20 years back, before he published them in a book.

So is it because he is just a good business man, knowing that magicians buy everything they see or is it because he wants his material to be acknowledged. On the other hand, when it is published, most magicians thinks it is old shit, just because it's already out there. So Mr. Ogawa is just protecting his material.

So whatever the real reason might be, I felt uncomfortable with it. That's it for today.

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