Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ellusionist Is The Best!

Ah Ellusionist... there is no better magic dealer out there. Period. The prices are affordable, the service is great. The product line is not over crowded with magic junk. Everything is quality and the delivery time is lightning fast. They have a great forum, solid reviews and knowledgeable people working in the front lines. It is thanks to Ellusionist that the magic community has made a leap forward from dusty apparatus to visual, hard hitting in your hands magic.

Respected magicians like Brad Christian, Justin Miller, Adam Grace, Rich Ferguson, Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin, De'vo and Ray Singson have collaborated with Ellusionist, because Ellusionist is a company that you can trust.

If I could make a wishlist the Bicycle Shadow Masters would be #1. I really dig the look of the cards and I am sure the feel of them is great too, if I would get my unworthy fingers touching them, the third wonder in the Bicycle Masters Series.

Oh, how I would love to "reach into the shadows"

Simply put: Ellusionist is the best magic dealer on the planet!


Cursed said...

don't make me slap you mister

Enbrethiliel said...


Hahaha! ;) I hope you get some great freebies, Roland!