Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just A Sunday Post #40

Did you order your Jerry Nugget's?

If not here is your last chance. On the 15th, that is tomorrow Lee Asher sells this year's bulk of 60 decks. Of course he does this in order to not flood the market to keep the price of the decks high. (a not so perfect deck still sells for 75 dollar)And a high price means Lee Asher gets a ton of money with very little work.

In the business we call that way of doing business "white scam", because it is legal and everyone knows about it. Of course those cards are not interesting for any performing magician, just collectors might find them interesting. And as long as they are willing to pay such outrageous price they will and Asher and his dubious friend, the world's largest owner of the Jerry Nugget's reserve continue making money that way.

Is that a bad thing? Well from a business point of view, no. From a moral point of view, no, as no harm is done to those not paying the price. So what is the big deal...? Nothing.

But this might be interesting: A whole sealed brick will be sold via lottery for just 4.275 dollars. I call that a bargain. And because the white brick is sealed you cannot tell if it contains Jerry's or not. If you open it to check it out you reduce the value instantly. Awesome.

Reminds me of Schrödinger's cat. This is a really, really good scam. Lee Asher, I tip my hat. You are a really good magician, but you are an even better hustler.

Come to think of it... I think the maker of the original "Future Mental" died. I got some (5) copies in mint condition. I'd sell them for 400 dollars each. Wanna make a deal?

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