Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cough, Cough!

I got this stuff called crazy slime. It is a black slime that you can play with. I was thinking how to use it in a magic show. Here is the result:

Cough it up: "Smoker's cough, sorry... gee all the tar."
Even works as a nonsmoker "Oh boy, passive smoking still does the trick!"

Imagine this as a little funny bit during a health convention. Or during a cigarette routine.


furlan said...

I love your stuff and

Perhaps you may want to look into this as it will allow a lot other browsers that are compliant to see your pages accurately...


furlan said...

Rethinking my previous post:

Unless it is a function of Blogger of which you have no control over.

Still, it IS something to consider, aiming at as wide an audience as possible...

Keep up the good work! I have you in my RSS reader so as not to miss any updates, Thanks!