Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Noteworthy? Not really!

I am wondering... Let's say a creator of a magic effect feels the need to sell his effect. He starts to make a DVD and does a trailer for that. Now he needs to edit the trailer because he feels that if he leaves the material unaltered other magicians will figure out what he did and will just take that idea without paying for the DVD...

Why a DVD? If it is just an idea that anyone with basic magic knowledge can figure out, is it really worth to sell? I think not.

And if the idea is good anyway, and if it makes a difference compared to the usual way of handling it... then why not do it in written form?

Just wondering!

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Michael Corley said...

Were I to guess, I would say because people have the foolish belief that a DVD will be "easier" than reading a book.

But, as you correctly pointed out, there is no comparison to Bobo's "Modern Coin Magic" and the DVD.