Saturday, March 27, 2010

At least my throat ain't sore!

I just returned from a magic show. (Yes I am actually performing and not just raping magic) The performing condition were the following: Noisy place, two rooms in a restaurant. Both rooms connected by a wide and open doorway. A DJ playing German folk music old folk dancing. Drunk people on the tables. A bit like Oktoberfest. Perfect performing conditions...

In fact it was so loud that any patter was reduced to "Watch!"

And as I was working the tables I realized something. I was not able to create a situation in which my magic would have the most meaning. I had to adopt my magic to the atmosphere. So basically I did coin vanishes and reappearances and sponge balls with no patter. I ended with the cups and balls (2 cups) and went from table to table in such a way. 21 tables, no introduction, I had to approach every table cold. I hate that, but I really didn't care after the sixth table. Got out some business cards and was out of there.

On my way home I realized another thing. Almost all magicians I know would not have been able to do their show, because the stuff they do depends so much on patter. And they need forever to get to the point.

Am I one the right path? I don't think so. I just had to do the other extreme today. Just magic, with no introduction, no time, no patter, no atmosphere and no jokes.

It was a great experience. Maybe I should specialize.

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Michael Corley said...

I had an similar experience when entertaining a child (who should not have been there) at a concert. NO speech was possible, it was all "I'm pointing here, see?" gestures. Still, I think your experience was much more difficult. Walking up to that many cold tables... ehhh.

Patter is important, but it shouldn't be the whole dang show.