Friday, March 26, 2010

WMF Mentalism Peyman

Just in case you have not come across this young Spanish speaking fellow who promotes himself by the name of "Mentalism Peyman": He is a fine example of a really bad magician and a really immoral dealer.

For quite some time he has been spamming the magic community with his emails, offering rip offs of magic effects. Naturally without consent of the legit owner of the rights. If you take a look at the shop on his website you will see that he actually sells the Laser Illusion that was originally created by Steve Fearson. Steve Fearson sold the all the rights exclusively to David Copperfield.

Just look at his snarky, contemptuous look in the beginning, followed by a bad execution of the effect. Or to quote a friend of mine: "piss poor performance by a lousy, worthless example of a human being."

One might condemn such behaviour, but obviously he has not stopped with this approach of exploiting magic in such a way. How come... my assumption: Because it works. People actually pay him money. So, Mr. Peyman might be a parasite, but only because we, the magic community, feed him.

Let's put an end to this.


Stijn Hommes said...

It's a good thing this guy isn't on that Uri Geller mentalism show...

Why call yourself Mentalism Peyman when you fake everything -except- mentalism?

Magic Unlimited said...

Brilliant stuff.

If he doesn't take out the WMF annual award I'll eat my hat! (There may be camera edits involved when I do... but no-one will notice)

Gavroche said...

I hope David Copperfield sues his ass off. Why can people like Peyton sell rip-offs without suffering the consequences like any other ordinary thief?

I know Fearson sold the rights to Copperfield, but the rank beginner doesn't. You can't blame them for buying the effect. Copyright is hard enough to understand as it is. It becomes even harder when you don't have the entire story to base your decision on.

Stephen Peters said...
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