Thursday, March 11, 2010

WMF Ellusionist

I was so wrong... I was holding some black cards in my hands today. I played around with them. They were so smooth with the ultra elite finish. I hit the streets and approached some strangers. I got some weird looks when I asked them to show them a few card tricks. But then I showed them the extremely cool cards and they said: "Oh my, you are so cool, please show us some card tricks so we can at least have a little taste of the mega cool paradise that you are obviously part of, before we return to our mundane life." And then I realized another thing. Passes and flourishes become self working. No practise needed. I was so dumb, I underestimated the cards so much. The stock is not only the best in the world, but also chemically treated to heal my skin rash. In fact during the performance the blind could see and someone yelled "Hallelujah, we are in Heaven."

I did the Ambitious Card and David Blaine's Two Card Monte. And I finished the show with a trick that used some of the cards from that gaffed card set that came along with the cool cards. I did change the patter a bit to suit my own style. Instead of the suggested "Look" I used the word "Watch". That makes it my own.

Right after the show I was invited to a party. A special party. I was told to bring condoms and the cards. I cannot wait. So, no bad words about Ellusionist. Ellusionist made me cool.


monsuaveami said...

Lol Roland

I don't think you'll be getting your box of Arcanes now :P

Illusions By Vick said...

I was almost stuck blind by the awe of that brillant truth ........

Nah, not really

Closeup said...

Ah, but were the condoms black too?

We should hire YOU to write our copy, pretty good.

Take care,

Brad C.

Ultimagic said...

Brad C. ?? Really?

Wow. Don't you have better things to do? Like teach kids how to be exactly like you and act gay while encouraging them to spend their parents money?

Busy, Busy, Busy....