Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WMF Steve Wyrick

Have you seen this man? Another over the top performer who acts like a prime time David Copperfield. Full of romanticism, dreams and illusions. Yeah I am close to vomiting.

Why is he a Weekly Magic Failure? I'll tell you why. For being a dick, that's why! I do not know if this is true, but according to Courthouse News Service "Franz Harary claims that he and Steve Wyrick agreed to swap elaborate props in 2006, Harary giving his 'Water Tank Illusion' prop to Wyrick in exchange for Wyrick's 'Appearing Airplane Illusion' prop."

The story goes on: "Wyrick gave him a broken, useless prop that had 'been left to rot in the desert sun for a number of years.' Harary, who intended to lease the prop to other magicians, says he is out about $100,000 for repairs and lost profits."

Does this sound like a nice deal? Of course not. Those stories tend to be over dramatised, yet it let's Wyrick stand in some shady spotlight. I always thought something is wrong with this guy. And a few of you actually suggested him to be a WMF. Rightfully so. The Las Vegas Sun states: "The closure came as little surprise, as lawsuits filed earlier this year against Wyrick over unpaid bills indicated business wasn't good for Wyrick and the performers who contracted to use his stage."

So it looks like Wyrick has a gift. The gift of bullshitting other into believing it is worth to support this man. More as it unfolds.

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