Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why? Why So Ugly?

This goes out to the designers of magic props. Why do they look like a magician's prop?
In other words, why is there suspicion built in directly from the start?

Sometimes this approach makes sense. Pretty much all sucker effects fall into that category.
But most often this is a stupid way to go. Glitter and the boxy nature of most magic props kind of give away that there is a secret built in, ergo attention is directed towards the prop and not the magician.

So who gets the praise after the effect? The prop. And rightfully so.

I have seen Jeff Mcbride doing prop magic on his lecture "StandUp DVD"
It was horrible. Really. Aside from the fact that I think Jeff Mcbride really goes a little overboard, when he is outside of Las Vegas.

So here is my stupid idea of doing a Square Circle without all the colour, glitter and pomp.

Imagine the following scene. A little girl is missing her kitty Mr. Biggles. All she has is the bright red collar of Mr. Biggles.

So what does the magician do. He takes a card board box that has been laying around in some street or backstage
and unfolds it. Then takes a second box. Puts both together drops the collar inside the boxes. A second later. Mr. Biggles is back into his collar.

Hmm Mr. Angel... that would suit your style a lot I think.

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