Friday, December 25, 2009

Bizzaro Has A Point!

"I have met a few magicians in my life who actually don't care if they flash while performing. They do nothing to fix it nor do they change anything. At that point, they are just there for themselves and the self-gratification it gives them. Let me tell you why it's bad to flash people." [...]

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Scott The Magician said...

Like all "rules of theater" this one is also made to be broken. We flash quite badly in our act - on purpose. The people all whisper to each other, convinced they know the secret. When we then prove them wrong they have no way to get back to real secret.

(For more information read Juan Tamariz's "The Magic Way")

Roland said...

Bizzaro cleary talks about magic folk who do not do it on purpose.

darkstar said...

I flash when I do magic sometimes. There was this one night I flashed my goodie package to a lady that was..........wait. Oh.