Monday, December 7, 2009

Audio Rant #6 - Your Friends


Zeno said...

Thx Roland, you made a very good point here. I recently discussed that with my freinds michael ammar and daryl and we came to the same conclusion.

cheers lorenz

darkstar said...

Yup! Name dropping is for the weak. I think one small thing you didn't mention is so many get in a mode as if "some" magicians are "famous". Like a prestige amongst others. Frankly I and people like you just see them as other guys that sell stuff.

Some of the best out there no one has ever heard of, and never will.

On a last note I really truly have a magician friend that is legend. A FAMILY friend also. But you know what. I keep it to myself for many reasons.

You can be my friend Roland. Be all like "I got this friend that, you know, knows this other guy who is his friend and wow...we are like a love triangle of magician friends! Impressed?". Girls will be on you like ants on candy, and everyone will take you more seriously. Need a used Jerry's Nugget Invisible Deck?

Tribun said...

i agree, my dear friend ;)