Saturday, December 19, 2009

KORBINIAN - Pasteboard Lunatics...

Hello world.

Every now and then I have serious doubts about my profession. Most magicians base their repertoire in large parts on cards. A fact, which I find quite surprising, since nothing else looks more like tricks. Okay except glittery or shiny boxes and feather flowers, I hate feather flowers, those people should have these stupid flowers shoved up somewhere.

But back to the topic, take out a deck of cards and the people know immediately your doing tricks, not magic, if well presented it will look like magic but nevertheless people will know for sure you are a trickster, not a real magician.

I don't even want to talk about, that most people do the same tricks, like the Ambitious Card... I just want to ask why everyone is just doing tricks, not magic. I think people are impressed, fooled, maybe even entertained by card tricks, but they will always be sure your doing tricks.

It is just a thought, but would a real magician, if he where to entertain in a restaurant, do card tricks? Or would he make the bowl of soup levitate, summon demons and all this other fancy stuff. Yeah I know no one would like to have a demon at his dinner, but shouldn't that at least sometimes be the goal to strive for, to make magic more like magic and less like a puzzle or a trick.

Best wishes and nice holidays.


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