Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It was inevitable!

Magic Failure of the year is... Criss Angel. 61 votes (25%)
Second place: as usual Shawn Farquhar. 59 votes (24%)
Third place: The one and only Steven Youell. 40 votes (16%)

Nobody got over 50%, meaning that nobody was bad enough to unite a whole half of the voters against him. I was surprised I only got 12 votes. Nobody got no votes.

There is a prize coming up.


darkstar said...

Seems about right. I mostly agreed with you.

1. Tim Ellis
2. David Castle
3. Twins
4. Shawn Fuckwar

I would have gone something like that. I need to play ExciteBike

Intensely Magic said...

I much question this poll. ANY contest of this nature - WMF - D.O.D.(Dick of the Decade) etc. that is not won by His Holiness, Steven Youell, must be rigged.