Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Rant

I hate the Holiday Season. I hate Christmas. And there is just one reason. Nothing works. Nobody has got time, shit is not getting done and everything is closed.

Really, all I want is my regular kind of thing. But no, stores are closed and I cannot buy my bread and butter. In fact I have to take that sort of stuff into consideration and buy stuff in advance. Damn that. I still expect some money from clients. But they are not to hand out the money till after Christmas. Because nobody is there during the freaking three days of Christmas. But this year is worse. the 27. is a Sunday making me wait even longer for anything. So let's assume my clients get around paying my fee on Monday. I still won't have the money on my bank account until next year.

Because near the end of the year everything slows down. It actually goes to a dead halt. All in the name of peace, love and understanding. That is a good hippie message, but shouldn't this be the message throughout the whole year...? Just saying.

And what about magic shows? During Christmas I never had a magic show. Ever. So I naturally assume that nobody does. Or just a few. And after Christmas. Same thing. Poor souls which celebrate their birthdays between Christmas and New Year. They will never have a magician perform at their day of the year. But then again that could be a good thing.

And what about my friends? They got no time, because they need to be with the families. I am alone... I could visit my family, but I learnt that staying away from them actually adds to the harmony in my family. And even if I decided to go it would be difficult, because Christmas is during the winter time.

Why the hell is Christmas during winter time? Icy roads, trains are late, overall traffic is a disaster. Couldn't there be a more convenient time? How about October?
In fact most Christmas stuff is in the stores in the beginning of October anyway.

Christmas seems to be a holiday that devours so much time and does so little. WTF... Seriously, wtf.

No that I got all of that out of my system. To those of you that do celebrate the birth of that little kid, that later died and came back as a Zombie... Merry Christmas. And for those who are offended: Happy Holidays.


Kolisar said...

I'm with you 100%. Not only does it start earlier and earlier each year (I also saw X-Mas stuff in the stores while they were still selling halloween items), but you also have the people who get pissed-off if you say "Happy Holidays" and not "Merry chrismas." If they are religious, and want to believe in that stuff, they should be aware that there are other religions and other religions holidays this time of year (especially since X-Mas was a hijacked pagan holiday).

And even worse, I have been very busy these past few months traveling for work, etc... and X-Mas kind of snuck up on me this year, adding to the pressure and depression of the holiday season.

Both my wife and I come from families that we cannot spend time with so we also are basically alone this time of year.

So, while I both hate this time of year, and am glad it is basically over (New Years is minor and only requires staying up later than I would normally do), I hope that you had as good a holiday as possible and that hearing that you are not the only one who goes though what you go through this time of year gives some comfort.

I encourage anyone else who has similar feelings about this holiday to comment, even if only in brief acknowledgement, so we can be reassured in the fact that none of us are alone.

Roland said...

I think the majority loves christmas. Or at least doesn't hate it. Really a bad thing.

Kent said...


I'm not into religion of any kind. I think having children is what made me like Christmas. Their response is a great thing.

If you ever have some children check back with me. I think the attitude could change.