Monday, December 14, 2009

Audio Rant #7 - Being An Artist


Tribun said...

Das Thema nervt wirklich. Man zeigt sein neues Programm, wo man ganz viel Mühen reingesteckt hat, und was kommt als erstes Feedback?

"du hast in deinem Vortrag 'Trick' gesagt, besser wäre es, wenn du 'Kunststück' sagst...".

The Smiling Mule said...

I like your thinking, mostly. On this topic: advise your readers to study Our Magic. Job done.

darkstar said...

Yay! Mule. Our Magic is public domain too.

I think the division for me is just language. As to say art as a noun doesn't have as much meaning to me, as compared to art as a verb and expression. What are the standards on the noun, and who judges the verb? Ah Grasshoppah.