Saturday, December 5, 2009

KORBINIAN - Expand your consciousness

Hello and good saturday,

today would I like to ask something. How many of you guys go to a museum or listen to contemporary music? Do some of you inform themselves about political issues or are interested in movies?

I am asking, because I made the experience, that we magicians are incredibly confined to magic. And I firmly believe that as artists, which we all want to be, we must be open and responsive to the world around us.

In the book about Milt Kort, he wrote how great magic is as a hobby, and of course I believe it's true, but in the next thought it reminds me of those martial arts guys, who not only train sports but also a way of life. Which is not a problem, as long as I don't forget there are other people with other lives and other ways of living out there.

So what I want to say, is simply get out, get a life and listen to the people around you, so even your magic could improve.

Best wishes,


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darkstar said...

My opinion is that magic is a hobby for 95 percent of us. That doesn't mean we don't take it seriously, it just means we have it on the brain but it doesn't control our lives. If we look at the best in the past many if not most were hobbyist. Ramsey as a quick for instance. But it's not to say he was a hack because he was "just a grocer".