Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just A Sunday Post #24

You might have noticed the poll on the right side, asking for who Magic Failure of the Year is. I am being totally unscientific now and give you my personal top three.

3. Kevin Parker
This man is just a bad magician. According to his own words he doesn't perform ("I only perform when I'm asked by acquaintances, or when I want to make a performance video.") and the stuff he sells sucks. In fact, everything he released and I mean every single item is crap.
That this man is even allowed to release anything borders on insanity. Gee.

2. David J. Castle
I do not know what is wrong with this guy. I really don't. But I see what he does. Not only does he explain magic on a big level. No, he actually hosts the biggest Internet forum that is all about spoiling magic and explaining tricks. The target audience 14-year-olds... I wish. Unfortunately all ages are found in that group of magicians who do not take the craft seriously. That makes me sad.

1. Lou Serrano
You might say: what? Why him? I have seen him, he is a good magician. And I certainly do not doubt that. But he is a bullshitter when it comes to marketing. He has this constant habit of making up price tags for the stuff he sells. And that in itself is not bad, everyone does it. Everyone asks for the price they think the product is worth. But he justifies his prices by lying. Television Rights... there is no price tag for Television Rights. And all this stuff is thrown at us by Lou Serrano, that we nod in agreement about the high price he asks for.
This actually makes me angry, it actually generates real feelings of hate towards this man who I have no doubt is a good magician. I simply do not get his business approach. In fact I think it is the most insincere approach to selling magic that there is.

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