Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WMF Uri Geller

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Yeah... him... what to say... can't he just leave mentalists alone? He is a liar, has been debunked many, many times. Always using weasel words. James Randi did a whole lot of work to educate people. Most of that is futile. I even know a magician who is a lawyer who seemingly adores Mr. Geller, just because Uri is a nice guy. Well I am sure quite a few dictators in history were considered nice guys... but I am not going to take the polemic pathway today, at least no more than usual.

In spite of all the negative critic the whole search for the "Next Uri Geller" goes on in so many countries. And a few mentalist and magicians hop on that train hoping to get famous. Well very few of them do. Most don't. But do they really want their name attached to Uri Geller?

So why is he a magic failure? He clearly doesn't to any magic. And least not the nerdy kind that we do. Well no matter how he calls it, I call it tricks. And bad ones. Damn, I have seen "spoon bends" for sale that look better than the stuff he does. (I believe he actually enriched mentalism with spoon bending... gotta give him that)

So he is a bad magician, if he chose to use magic tricks. And if he is using divine powers, well... why doesn't he heal amputees? I am just asking the same question I would ask God.

Even though is presentation sucks, it is a magic trick.

Yeah, but Uri Geller loves publicity, so he is going to love this one. So I was actually thinking a long time not to include him. But I did, because I chose not to take a look at Uri Geller the Guru, but at Uri Geller the magician. And as such he sucks big time.

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