Monday, November 2, 2009

Audio Rant #1 - Being unique, original and different!

I am not sure about this new segment. I'd like some feedback please!
I went with a very mild topic to begin with. No anger so far.


Tribun said...

me *likes*

Kent said...

I tend to agree with your audiage, just not for me.

Most magicians can and do theive, steal, borrow, copy, take, simulate and learn from other recorded versions of the tricks. If they mimic the DVD exactly, they tend to really suck.

I too have (fucking obviously) learned from books and DVDs. Still I try to completely revamp what I see and read. I do NOT have to do magic to make a living. (I'm not good enough) So I can tailor the tricks I subvert along non-worker lines.

I mostly do my magic for other magicians. It's my path.

To close, for most, what the evil one, has posted here, is quite clearly if not obviously true.

Kent Gunn