Saturday, November 21, 2009

KORBINIAN - An introduction of my humble self...

Hello to you folks out there.

My name is Korbinian Häutle and I feel very honored to be allowed to contribute a little something to this fantastic blog.

I am working on the streets of Munich in Germany as a busking magician. Because of that I have played a few hundreds show in front of audiences, which really don't care about new gimmicks, fancy moves or other stuff, we magicians love and buy. But I love these people, these earnest hard-working fellas, who support our art and without whom we would be just a bunch of jugglers.

Why do I call us magicians jugglers? We are jugglers, but we don't show our moves. Eden got it right in the context of XCM. This is clearly juggling, just show-off stuff.
"Magic is the absence of moves." (Dai Vernon)
[Roland is right, quoting makes me feel smarter.]

So the audience is hopefully unaware of our moves, all they perceive are our effects. But these effects just happen in their heads. We all know that nothing of the effects we show happen for real. So all of the time we should be thankful to our audiences for letting themselves be fooled.

So be nice, treat them with the most earnest respect and don't ever forget, that without these fellas, you would just be juggler but not a magician.

P.S.: But I also like jugglers. :-)

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darkstar said...

Cheers man. Well said. Great style!