Friday, November 20, 2009

WMF Mickaelus

Who is this young German man? Yet another one who feels the need to explain magic tricks that are not his own creations. Below you see a version of the linking rings "performed" by this 18-year old fellow.

If you check out his channel on you will see that he explains a whole bunch of stuff.

Among the explanations you will find: The folding coin, the linking rings, various card moves, Tarantula, the Raven, the invisible deck, Tagged and the Intercessor.

Most of it is in German but a few bits are in English.

Let me make one thing clear. Mickaelus does not contribute anything to the art he just spoils it. And he calls himself a magician. Oh dear! The parents have never heard of responsibility. Otherwise the could have put an end to this in time. By doing an abortion.

Mickaelus has quit magic, he is no longer Weekly Magic Failure.

1 comment:

Trickster said...

The last bit where he simply catches the ring in his fingers cracked me up. Obviously he couldn't master to proper way LOL