Thursday, November 26, 2009

EDEN - On Double Lifts

I met Shawn Farquhar several weeks ago. I told him that everyone can talk all they want about his performance at FISM, but the fact remains that he is the champion.

I just wanted to say that his double lift is hardly world champion material. And the fact that it's possible to win FISM with such a sloppy double lift is less a slight on Farquhar than it is a statement on weak double lifts everywhere. Yes, you're the champ, but man, what a painful double lift.

On the other end of the spectrum is the fancy pants double lift with convincers. Asher's Diving Board Double, or Daryl's preferred handling (whose name has completely escaped me) are prime examples of this. Who actually turns a card over like that? (Jugglers, possibly, but see last weeks rant) Don't get me wrong, they are amazing to see in action and I respect the work put into them, but sleights should be invisible.

Learn a nice basic strike or pushoff double. And make it look exactly like your singles. And save your fancy moves (card masturbation, really) for the magic club.

For such a fundamental sleight, there are so many people who do it very badly. Don't be one of them.

eden loves you


Roland said...

I totally agree with you on that one. Damn it I have see horrible ones. Thinking about that... it makes me think of my own double lift.

Oh it needs work. Thank you for motivating me to do that.

darkstar said...

My thing is people really need to start pinky counting. Shawn's run was total shit in my opinion mainly due to not learning a pinky count. It seems to me anyone that is anyone that claims to be a cardman should master such an easy thing. Alas. Seems even some of the so called "best" don't either.

The best advice ever was I believe Vernon when asked what the best double lift is. The proper response is it depends on the situation. AMEN. Learn a few, all using a pinky count and I think the world will be a better place.

My 10 cents (which I've become all too good at over the years) heh.

darkstar said...

Actually I'll post something at my place soon, cause you all are my boyz. Take it or leave it, it may be useful to someone.

. said...

While you try to be natural, I try to be super-natural. Don't get mad. Just practice harder! - Lee Asher