Saturday, November 21, 2009

KORBINIAN - Our beloved freaks...

So this time a post about a little special someone.

A guy called Dan Sperry. I think he is in some way connected to the Theory 11 guys, but I am not exactly sure. He is teaching some stage card manipulations there.

What do I have to say about him. At first I liked him. I like tattoos, piercings, spiky hair and weird looks. I firmly believe that all those clean shaved, handsome and well-groomed magicians are a bit boring. Magic could certainly be more fun and carry more meaning, if not everything would be flowers and doves.

And exactly that's my point. This guy Mr. Sperry tries to be so freaky, its almost satire. But okay, whatever, thats personal taste. But then his show. Dove manipulations with colourfully dyed doves. I would have expected big black crows or vultures, but pink doves are just poncey. Thats so totally out of character it's just silly.

Just take a look at his video.

I don't want to say, he is a bad magician and I also must admit I really liked his clockwork-bird effect. But in my opinion he really needs a new and coherent image.



Nathan Allen said...

Maybe Mr. Sperry intentionally decided to use brightly colored doves for just THAT reason; it's a bit unsettling... just not quite right. But that's just speculation. Always enjoy your blog - keep up the good work, sir.

darkstar said...

I'll second that. Everything you said actually. Came across as interesting at first. Now a try hard hitting the magic selling band wagon with the "same old thing".

After living in Seattle for years I can say he isn't original at all. About 10 percent of the population is such.

Stijn Hommes said...

The dove act is the only dodgy thing I've seen of him thus far. The rest of the performances I've seen of him totally fit his character. I especially like the effect in which he offers a kid a bag of sour candy worms only to turn it over in their hands and have the candy turn into real earthworms. :) Love the reactions that gets.

Korbinian said...

You are right. His dove act is the only real dodgy thing I found from him. But nonethenless, if that is the act he got an award for, the point seems valid.
But your right, his worm thing is interesting and also some other stuff by him is nice.
Oh but I almost forgot, he's selling this mechanic bird on his homepage, how sad, when people sell their own acts.