Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Performing Mode And Explanation Mode

A while ago I told you about "professional mode and impromptu mode" here are two more.

When performing, people assume your are performing (naturally). Same is true for explaining. When explaining, people assume you are explaining. So if you make a fake explanation part of your performance, people will stop thinking you are performing, but instead explaining.

This helps to get away with certain stuff.

Here is an example: Bottom Deal. If you have the four aces or whatever on top, and a duplicate set on the bottom, you can do this. Explain what a bottom deal is, and show the four aces on the bottom. Say, there will be five players. Then deal the four aces from the top and the fifth card comes from the bottom. Since you are "explaining" it you have the liberty to be really bad about it.

Deal four more cards and then a bottom deal. Do this until everyone has five cards. Turn over your packet revealing the four aces. This is no surprise.

Now take the four remaining packets and put them on the deck without changing the order. That sets up the duplicate aces for real dealing.

The visible four aces go back to the bottom of the deck. You explain that now you will do it at full speed.

And all you do is dealing regularly. But fast. And because you are in "Explanation Mode" and not "Performance Mode" it will be believable.

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Jack said...

Hey that's my theory!