Thursday, August 6, 2009

Professional Mode and Impromptu Mode

As long as you are performing within the act, you are considered a professional. Therefore the subtlety of taking out the keys from the pocket, right after the load of a palmed card to create time misdirection from the actual sleight and the revelation is crap. Really! Why would a professional be so unprofessional to keep the keys in the pocket? The performer knew he was going to do this trick, ergo nothing should have been in the pocket to hinder this trick to begin with.

However: In Impromptu Mode this is a perfect subtlety. It shows that you are thinking on your toes, and that you are a better magicians, than those who can only do their act and nothing outside of it.

So working in Professional Mode in the beginning, for a short while, then thanking the audience and acting, as if you end the show, followed by Impromptu Mode (which is still part of the show) is strong stuff man!

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Rob said...

That seems a little like over-thinking to me. I doubt any spectator would consider that unprofessional.