Friday, September 4, 2009

Out of order!

Here I am in Nigeria, helping the starving people in my holidays, as I get a rare chance to turn on my computer. And then I open the Magic Cafe and find a private message in my inbox. Steve Brooks begging for money for his sick friend Steven Youell.

Think about both man what you will, but this is not the first time this happened. Dirk Losander and Dean Dill come to mind. The magic cafe being used to beg for money. Well I think it is a clever idea to ask the community directly, but is this the right way to go? Begging... ok, they do not call it begging, you are simply asked to purchase lecture notes. And the description of Steven Youell's illness could not be more vague. Is it cancer or just a simple cold? I do not know. So I don't even know whether it will be worth it to spend money. It could be wasted as it might just prolong an already doomed life.

Sometimes I am happy to life in Germany, where we have a health care system which actually ensures that people stay healthy.

But what do I know? I rather help a few more lifes here in Nigeria. See you next week.

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