Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You will hate me now!

Deutsche Version

Here a funny little trick that you can build whole religions on. First, get a little plastic fetus. (You can get them from anti-abortionist and pro-lifers) and a blood capsule. Furthermore you need a pregnant lady, about the end of the first trimester, who is unaware of you knowing that she is pregnant.

In your fist, press the blood capsule against the plastic fetus. It's a mess but it is worth it. Now reach for the belly and "extract" the fruit of the womb, show it briefly and say something suitable like "Cute little fellow". Afterwards you false transfer the fetus into the other hand and "rub" it back into the belly.

If you do not like the effect, here is an alternative: Before you put back the fetus, transform it into a little rat using standard Spell Bound moves. Not only would that be an additional phase in the routine, but it would also strengthen the effect dramatically.

Bonus: Here is another phase you can add to the routine. A kicker ending. Of course after such a routine you will be looked upon with admiration, which kind of forces you to continue. Basically you would take a napkin and from it, you produce a coat hanger. Hand both out as a gift, as she might need both in a little while.

Oh boy I am so gonna burn in hell for this.


Daniel said...

I'm telling you... You're SICK, SICK SICK! You know that!!?

Keep it coming!


Daniel said...

As an afterthought, you may have to sign the fetus, as they might think you are using a duplicate...

Or you can do like Mike Tyson and tear off a corner for an exact match.

Magic Tony said...

I perform this with a folding fetus so that you can do the ole' bitten-off and restored head bit before the vanish (an homage to Ozzy).