Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just A Sunday Post #16

Deutsche Version

This is wrong on so many levels.

I try to be fair, but this sucks.
First the music... Does anyone really like Czech Polka? The Beer Barrel Polka is one of the worst songs I know. But I guess there is a small minority that actually can stand the song for more than 10 seconds. Those are either brave or dumb.

Second... A DVD about Flourishes with Poker Chips and Cards. There are tons of free tutorials on Youtube. So why would anyone pay for that?

Third... those Flourishes in the video are not good. We got a coin roll, a riffle shuffle with poker chips and other very basic sleights. The only challenging series of sleights that is taught is the four coin roll out.
The DVD has a running time of 33 minutes, which is a bit short for 19.95 dollars. (Shipping not included)

Again, there are free tutorials on Youtube, just search for "poker chip tricks"
So, don't buy the Poker Chip DVD by Tom Golabek unless you like Polka, have too much money, or wanna have a prank gift for people you do not like.


Javatari said...

The testimonials on his website seem a bit suspicious to me as well.

Oh yes, polka music indeed sucks.

douchemagicians said...

I've already posted about this on my blog here

Keep up if you can Roland!!!

Tapmagoo said...

I secretly believe this must be your father. Roland, search your feelings; you know this to be true. Music sounds like the music played in Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia at the Festhaus. All the polka music you can stomach. I'm sure it is used to increase the turnover rate to make room for more eaters.

Aleksandar said...

This music seems OK to me. It reminds me on circus music, :). But , honestly, I would never lay on the couch and listen to it, :)