Monday, September 7, 2009

WMF Doug Malloy

Doug Malloy. He really is not a bad magician. In fact all I have seen has been pretty entertaining. But he also is a magic dealer. Basically a family business with Doug being the head of it.

And in that role as a magic dealer he ain't too bad either. Nice products, all pretty expensive. But there is one item that he sells, for 50 dollars, that is worth about 4 bucks. But since you already own all the props it is free.

The item in question: The Arlington's Silk Flight Take a look at that. (There is a video too, watch it to see how amazingly great he handles the TT. The steal, the application and the ditch.)

The magician begins by showing a crystal box containing three silks. A small white silk is removed from the box and a spectator is asked to sign his name across it. Next a large blue silk is removed from the box and a large red silk remains inside the box. The box is closed and locked and given to an audience member to hold in plain view. The white silk with the signature is placed inside the blue silk and vanished. The spectator holding the crystal box is asked to remove the red silk. The magician takes the red silk and asks the spectator who signed the white silk to reach inside the red silk. Amazingly their signed silk reappears inside the red silk!

So a TT and three pieces of silk. Two large ones and one white one. All you need is a none permanent marker so you can wash the white piece of silk. Unless of course you want to give out the piece of silk as a souvenir, which I would highly recommend.

So what justifies the 50 dollars that Doug Malloy asks for? The box? Well you don't need the box at all. The gimmick? You probably own it already. The idea? Tarbell.

So I do not get it. But why make Doug a Weekly Magic Failure for just one product? Well here is my thought process. If a dealer sells you BS, even once that means he clearly has some agenda. Most often that agenda is to make money. Having the biggest profit margin. In his case more than a 1000 percent.

You might say, you do not have to buy it. Right! I don't. I own such a box ("The Thing" by Bill Abbott) I have the gimmick and I have the pieces of silk. I am just saying, that Doug is well aware of that "Rip off". And ripping off makes him WMF.

In closing: Is the routine any good? Well, it can be. I am sure with proper audience management and likable character this can be a killer routine. A routine you can do without spending 50 bucks.


Anonymous said...

You have 'THE THING' and you dare to call Mr Malloy's trick over priced????

You truly are a douche magician!

Even West said...

I was kind of with you reading down the list but at this point I must disagree. Doug is a wonderful entertainer and really awesome at making magic tricks and props. Though you could figure out how they are done and copying them without payment, that would be wrong.

Here's the thing, if someone likes the routine and wants to pay for it and the props that's not much. A crystal box which if you purchase a retail equipment prob run about 5 to 10 dollars. One 18" blue silk, an 18" red silk and 5 9" White silks. 18" silks are 7.95 so 16$ before tax, and 9" are 5.95 (x5 = 30$). That's 46$ in silks alone before tax, the cost of the box, the special gimmick (which you say is a tt which range from 2 to 10$ for cheap to medium quality products). A sharpie marker which is about a dollar to 2 dollars along with the instructions and performance which have no hard monetary value but when put to proper use are worth what ever that trick will make you. So added up we're looking at $52-$72 depending on where you get the materials and the quality there in. The costs of props alone covers the price of the effect.

At the risk of being called a fanboy, Doug is a wonderful entertainer and merchant. I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with Malloy Modern Magic. Everything I have seen from them is top notch quality. If you have an issue with someone or the products they sell break it down first. How about picking on Penguin for selling single effects direct from Tarbell for $6 an instant download no materials instead of selling the tarbell books for 25 to 30?

I also have to point out that you are now guilty of exposure since not everyone knows that is how that particular trick is done.

Barry Solayme said...

Exposure? You stupid boy. Roland made it clear, even though Mr Malloy is stealing all my tricks, that most of his stuff is good. He gave less away than you'll find on the sacred Cafe, (where they worship me by the way).

For exposure look on YouTube sometime. Meanwhile, if you want tuition on posting effective comments on blogs, buy my book "Barry Solayme's Advice on Posting Blogs" r.r.p. $67.79. (PayPal the usual address).


Even West said...


Honestly that's what your post consists of... :P

There is plenty of exposure on the internet. I was merely pointing out the Hypocrisy of posting many WMF for exposing when he himself points out the thumbtip.

He wasn't claiming Doug stole anyone's effect just that he overcharged it and it was based on a principal taught in Tarbell. I don't recall seeing your name in the book as credit... in fact I googled you and came up with 20 posts where you whine about someone stealing your idea and another 20 with Barry Manilow lyrics.

You sound just like Harry Lorayne. According to him, he invented or improved it before you so...

You would think that if you bitched that much you would at least create your own wiki or have your own webpage or something instead of just a blogspot. you said you published one of the tricks back in the 1920's in apacolypse? So you are how old exactly? Let's assume you created that effect by age 10 (which I doubt)... you would be 101. Yeah not buying buddy. You're prob some acne scarred kid in his mom's basement. I can post a picture of Dr. Who too and claim to be an awesome magician over the internet as well.

How about you delete your blog account take your BS (that's bullshit) and go F&*# yourself (don't want to expose too much you know).

Even West said...

Ok I figure that you and Roland must be the same person. Only explanation. I couldn't find a single reference to you.... anywhere. no book you've written, no magazine, no trick, no news article about a famous magician or dude over 100 injured in the London riots. You're BS all right and so is this site.


Justin said...


Barry Solayme said...

Heh heh

Tomsk192 said...

Hook... Line.... Sinker

Barry Solayme said...

And just in case you still haven't caught on, you "lovely", ROLAND IS NOT ME. He says I'm a freak; I say he needs to work on his 'Zarrow' shuffle. It should look the same way I taught it to Herb, back when it was called the 'Solayme' shuffle.