Monday, September 21, 2009

WMF Hans Klok

Deutsche Version

Johannes Franciscus Catharinus Klok a Dutch magician. Also known as the "fastest magician ever" at least according to his website. He is Weekly Magic Failure for just one reason. For being the "fastest magician ever".

I certainly understand why he wants to be unique among the illusionist out there, but speed certainly is not a criteria to make magic more powerful. Hans seems not to have grasped the concept of magic. Magic is about mystery not speed. However I agree that most illusion shows are too slow and most shows are too slow, because of all the fruity dancing and the posing. Both horrible things, but even Hans did not get rid of those. He is the king of posing.

Why is this 40-year-old man successful with this approach? My educated guess here is that his good looks play a great part. Because it cannot be his magic, which is similar to dozens of other illusionist. Aside from his blond "German" looks he has nothing to offer. So I guess falling back to the "fastest magician ever"-gimmick is sort of evolutionary. But evolution sorts crap out if it fails.

Hans has no personality, almost no creativity but a huge collection of poses. David Copperfield would be jealous.

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darkstar said...

It may just be a sexual reference