Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Magic In The News

Deutsche Version

Why is it, that whenever a newspaper, an online journal or a TV station does a report on magic it is either completely tearing down magic or hyping it into mystic heaven? Why is there no balanced reporting going on?

I am not talking about the "magic news" (like The Magic Newswire or iTricks), which is done by people who have a background in magic, (Dodd Vickers and Justin R. Young) but by people who have no magic history.

And I feel I need to say often this is the fault of the magician that is interviewed. He either leaves a bad impression which causes the reporter to truthfully report on the bad things, or the magician is such a great character that the reporter loses all of his journalistic ethics and does advertisement for the magician.

While the later might be a good thing for that specific magician it creates a wrong picture of magicians. And is that what we really want? A warped image of the magic community? That we all love each other and help each other, and still everyone is better that everyone else and that none is replaceable and that everyone does unique and create stuff? Unfortunately I can answer my own question. Most want that image. Sad that only a few care for the truth.

Extra: A shocking developement. Justin R. Young of iTricks is not really a magician. How can you trust such a fiddler, such a con man? All of iTricks news might be lies. Lies I tell ya!


Justin Robert Young said...

Most newspaper writers are lazy. A magic story is an easy day for them and they write it as such. Simple as that.

I didn't have a background in magic when we started iTricks. But I did care about getting things right and adjusting to the learning curve.

darkstar said...

Justin=dude. He's said openly many times his background is rather new on the video interviews and whatnot. It's nice that he has been open about that! They have really improved over at Itricks I think also.

Dodd is the man. Unbiased and holds the true nature of what a journalist should be like. I think we are very fortunate we have him doing what he does.