Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just A Sunday Post #17

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In a play, a book or film the hero of the story changes throughout the events. He may be a jerk in the beginning and a kind and loving person in the end.

In magic this doesn't happen. Usually, the performer stays the same. Or in other words... a magic show has no plot. And to have a plot you need an antagonist. Magic could be a perfect antagonist. So here is my idea for a "different" magic show:

The show begins with the performer being a total dick. He is good though. He does the cups and balls. Everything works perfectly. (no final loads) Magic is his slave. Then he does the next trick, but somehow something goes wrong just a tiny detail, nothing to worry. (With going wrong I am not saying screwing up, but I am talking about perverted magic/unasked magic)

And this gets worse with every trick he does. In fact the audience even likes it, because the unpleasant performer gets what he deserves. This could go absolutely crazy, until the point that the performer gives up. He sits down on a chair (might even knocked off the props which were sitting on there) And suddenly starts crying and monologuing.

And during the crying a thimble appears on the finger. The performer in angry disgust tosses the thimble away, but a second one appears... the magic strikes back for good.

Only reconciliation with magic suddenly makes the thimble go away. And after that the magician is a reformed man. He is happy, and "nice" to his props and audience. Hesitant in the beginning, but inspirited with more and more courage. He actually does the cups and balls again, but this time a lot of more stuff is happening, again some unwanted magic happens, but it is not a bad thing anymore. And in the end there are the lemons.

So just like in a play, book or film the person changes. Unfortunately this would require acting... which I cannot do. Damn!

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Tapmagoo said...

You obviously haven't watched your own videos. Thespian is your middle name, sir.