Thursday, September 17, 2009

Watchdog is watching you!

Deutsche Version

Justin Robert Young asked for it, he wanted to be on the blog roll... ok. Justin here you go. I just didn't because I thought you might not want to get affiliated with me. But iTricks is now on the blogroll, to your right.

Buddy, I am watching you... c a r e f u l l y...


Justin Robert Young said...

But who watches the watchdog?

Cmon, we've reposted your videos and included you in our Magic Chatter posts. Weekly Magic Failure is staple in the iTricks RSS research pile.

Glad to be recognized.

Between 7 posts a day, 4 podcasts and 2 livestreams per week we're BOUND to piss you off at some point.

Roland said...

lol, I just realized, that I squeezed you between two dead baby jokes. I hope you can live with that.