Monday, September 14, 2009


BOB RIP. He has long been on my WMF Radar. For selling and producing rip off magic articles. Without shame.

It is hard to copyright anything in magic. Because a slight change in the method would allow for a legal rip off. Knowing that helps to know why BOB RIP and the many others of his kind are permitted to continue with their "abuse" of magic.

And this is generally rant worthy. If someone has a genuine idea it is taken by others which in itself isn't that bad, but then it is marketed which opens the lid to this magic variation of the Pandora's box.

And of course this is not a problem unique to magic. So I guess the causes for those actions are not the usual reasons common in magic. So it is not inferiority complexes nor need for admiration. Just pure and plain avarice. So I assume that Mr. RIP will not even care for his award. Kind of sad.

EDIT 3rd of October 2012: Boy was I wrong. The legal department contacted me. Wrong email address of course.


Portland Magician said...

he's been stealing longer than that

Roland said...

How long? It was hard to find a "history" on that.