Friday, August 7, 2009

Farquhar Aftermath

Was I too harsh on Shaw Farquhar? Yeah I was, of course. But I made it very clear in the beginning of that post to say "If you are offended by naughty words and evil thoughts DO NOT READ IT." Obviously people read my unfiltered thoughts anyway.

I could have been nice about it, but then not as many people would have read it. Although, honestly I wasn't expecting that much controversy, for I thought that very few people read my blog. Oh, boy I learnt something.

So I promise I will not do that sort of thing again! I promise!

But... I meant every word I wrote about Shawn Farquhar. I do not like the guy. He stands for a lot of things I do not like in magic. And I still think that he did not deserve the prize for that Shape of my Heart routine. But at least he will not start with that routine again, as he finally got the first prize. Hopefully!

But I was too mean. I really was. As much as I dislike the guy, I think that my choice of words was too wreckful. So here I am admitting and saying:

"I am sorry Shawn, I was too patronizing towards you, I should not have projected my thoughts via my blog.
I said it before and I am not tired of saying it again. I think you are a decent performer, I wish you well."

With that being said... is it over? No, I will still watch Shawn. Maybe there is hope for him, maybe he will be modest one day. And as I heard from a few people, he is not the man he is on stage. Let's hope so. Because I hate the later one.

And if this whole thing has thought me anything, than at least, that now I know how to spell Shawn Farquhar's name properly.


Anonymous said...

When I see Shaw Farquhars FISM act, it remembers me on a old saying:

"Practice is dull and boring. Why do so many magicians practice in front of an audience?”

Anonymous said...

If you think Sean is bad, he's nothing concerned to this egomaniac.

He even advertises awards he hasn't won. At least sean has won FISM.

"After winning numerous National and International awards for his skills including the coveted Australia’s ‘Champion of Magic’, his brilliant sense of humour set a new standard for entertainment. You are GUARANTEED ‘hilariously impressive and unforgettable performances’."