Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just A Sunday Post #12

I made this video during last week. After making it I didn't want to use it, but then again, I made so here it is. Tomorrow will be a regular Weekly Magic Failure. And it will be someone who is not controversial at all. The Masked Magician.

Unrelated: Here a quick list of what not to do in magic:

1. Do not think by yourself! It is all in the books.
2. Do not overestimated your audience. They are just "sheeple"!
3. Do not perform anything but the classics! That is why they are called classics.
4. Do not deviate from the norm, be as likable and boring as your peers!
5. Do not set new standards in magic! This is important!
6. Never strive to be better than a juggler! They are way ahead of us.
7. Never dislike any other magician! All of them are your friends, because all do magic.
8. Do not, never copy your fellows! Yeah that is double negative.
9. Never think that you audience deserves better! All magicians agree on that.
10. Do not practice! Be team player!


Anonymous said...

So where's your commentary on Russ's act?

Roland said...

There won't be, because Russ was smart enough not to enter FISM with a similar routine.

darkstar said...

Here come the trolls.

Anonymous said...