Friday, August 14, 2009

The Ultimate Out

Here is the presentation: "I am going to find your card, if I do not find it, I'll give you cash. Worth 50.000 Euros. No kidding. I never messed up that trick. And I never will. You know why? Because I am that good." After that speech you better deliver. And of course you fail.

But instead of giving them 50.000 Euros you give them shredded Euros. They are cheap. In fact I have about a million Euros right here. And I got them for free.

It is a useless but nice souvenir. 

PS. It would be wise to use the currency of your country.


Tadei ( said...

Heh, funny one.

Where do you get shredded euros? VIP connections?

Roland said...

Mob Connections. But I heard you can also go to the bank and ask. But I'd go for Mob Connections. Japanese Mafia, they got Ninjas.

Tadei ( said...

Aaah, Yakuza!

darkstar said...

That is super funny. Other ones I thought were funny (though I've never seen them used in magic) are.

Toy Yoda (Toyota), and 100 Grand (a candy bar)

douchemagicians said...

What a wonderfully brilliant idea