Monday, August 17, 2009

WMF Greg Solomon

There are two Greg Solomons that might be confused with one another. The first one is this. He is a hard working magician. He smiles a lot, and belongs in our circle of nerds. He is ok.

But the other... well he belongs to youtube. A man who is so full of himself when you listen to him speak. He speaks of himself in third person and most of his appearances are in artsy black and white. He talks slowly and with a redundant style using big words. And I would not be bothered by that if he had chosen not to invade the art that I love.

You might say: "So what the Chicago Opener aka Red Hot Momma aka Best Card Trick in the World by Al Leech has been spoiled over and over." Well yes, that is true but this man has a cult following. Over three million times has the video above been seen. That is spoiling on a big level.

Is that Greg a magician? ...He claims to have done magic when he was younger to score with chicks. Wow, even better. Crash any dignity that magic has!

So this weeks magic failure is Greg. Not the REAL Greg Solomon, not the one that actually does magic. But the black and white one.


darkstar said...

My Daddy always use to say "Son, now with that internet everyone is a pro".

Anyone know where I can learn the double flip with the death pinch kung foo action?

At least the guy isn't claiming to be something he's not.

Goooooooood day. I hope my insights herein have been of assistance to your articles.

douchemagicians said...

You idiot!

The WWF changed its name years after to the WWE after a lengthy legal battle with the WWF.

Do you research before you start calling people names!