Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Awesome I Got A Thief!

"rolandHenning" what an awesome youtube user name. He used to have a picture of me as his avatar, now he changed it, after I reminded him that it is illegal to claim to be somebody else. He also claimed that "" is his website. A clear case of identity theft. Yeah. Someone must be pissed. He told me via message "Just bored and decided to have some fun this morning." Ok. Fun is ok.

Right now he says on his profile: "i am a magician based in Germany, but NOT the Roland Henning that writes a blog at He has stolen my good name."
I doubt he is from Germany, as the youtube account was registered at 4 am (here in Germany) in the morning. So he is probably lying about being a magician based in Germany.

Anyway I did what youtube recommended. Like a little snitch I told youtube, that he is violating the TOS. And, as recommended by youtube, I did tell the police.

So, let's see what will happen.

He is probably a friend of Shawn Farquhar, as the video on his channel suggests. Not Shawn himself. He would not go that low.

Oh, just in case he actually is a German: "Wenn du was zu sagen hast, sag es mit deinem eigenen Namen oder bleib anonym. Meinen Namen zu klauen und dreist zu behaupten du seist ich, ist vermessen und unangebracht."


douchemagicians said...

Probably some douche magician!

At least you do the right thing and report it to the authorities.

Cardman would never do that though. He's not a douche.

douchemagicians said...

Oh, and what you said is true. Anyone with courage should have their say with their real name.

Take note cardman! Roland has warned you!!!

rolandhenning said...

Ich will nicht anonym bleiben. Mein Name ist Roland Henning, und Sie werden mich wirklich!

Roland said...

Lol, learn proper German

rolandhenning said...

Es tut uns leid, es war das Beste, was ich tun könnte.