Saturday, August 8, 2009

Looking Cool!

I read an interesting article a while ago. It made the point, that people are never totally satisfied with a magic show, when all they experience is secrets and mystery. It is like having a great crime novel and you see all "entertaining" murders but you never get to know who did it. So some "secrets" have to be told.

And you know what. I totally agree. So far in my act there is always a bit of "exposé". But it got me thinking even more. So here is the result of that "thinking":

If you gonna have to tell a secret, tell them a false one. Example: Explain palming. Say it is the great weapon in the arsenal of the magician. Without it he is nothing. Explain the thumb palm, the back palm and even the Harada Hold if you have to. But also tell them that the real secret is to shift from one palm to the other, so it can appear as if the hand is totally empty.

Later just don't use it. Do a false transfer of a coin and simply show them an empty hand. Because they expect palming to be the method, it will cancel the thought of you merely not having put the coin in the hand to begin with. And because they will not see the coin, they will also give you credit for your great skill.

According to the "Too Perfect Theory" the audience will think of a method anyway. So why not give them a plausible one. One that makes you look cool.

I suggest doing this near the end of your show, so people will fell rewarded for having been fooled all the time and yet will greatly admire your skill.

So you get best of both worlds. A mystery and recognition for your skill. (Even though you are doing something different. Call it a yet another layer of deception)

And by not telling them the actual secret you keep your dignity.

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