Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WMF Sathya Sai Baba

There is a chance you have heard of Sathya Sai Baba. If not here is the short version. Sathya Sai Baba is an Indian Guru called a godman his devotees. He does miracles. Such as producing ashes from his fingertips and producing several small palmable objects from his hands. But before I rant... here is a video clip to lighten up the mood.

Now that you've been blessed by his divinity... Sathya Sai Baba is a lousy magician.
In the next video you will see him producing a golden necklace (about 40 seconds in) his steal sucks. He totally didn't watch his angles.

The second trick is the ash production (around 2:30). His finger clip palm is not that bad, but his movement as he crushes the ash pill lacks total motivation, therefore telegraphing the audience that he did something sneaky. Those things can be avoided. For example: He could crush the pill as he points to his heart. That would be angle proof too and motivated. Just saying. He steals the pills from under a bunch of papers in his other hand. A holder would be much better. It would even allow for much bigger loads, ergo much bigger miracles.

The third trick is the regurgitation trick. Effect: A drink is taken then spilled from the mouth into a towel and in the towel is now a golden egg. (about 5:20) I am not sure weather the godman showed the towel to be empty before but having it in the lap, under the table is not good magic. Instead I would, have maybe a golden shell in the mouth. He could load the shell into his mouth as he takes the drink. His tongue would go into the shell so it cannot move around much. The egg shape helps a lot. Then he could push out his tongue (imagine the inner joy he could have as he is seducing the masses he kind of flips them of at the same time) and it would look like he regurgitated the egg. The a shuttle pass like move with the palmed real golden egg and he would have a convincing trick. The clean up would be done as he would be taking another drink.

Well he still has much more followers who believe his wonders than the average magician, proving once and for all. Showmanship is a great thing to have. Anyway for being a lousy magician Sathya Sai Baba is WMF.

BTW: I like what they are doing:

EDIT: His title has been revoked. He is dead now, he cannot possibly fail anymore. I do not believe in reincarnation, ergo I think the revoking is just.


Jack said...

He's a fraud.

Iwantthetruth said...

Great exposure.The more people that expose this fraud the better off the world would be. People are being brainwashed into think that this fraud is a godman, even greater than the hindu trinity.

BrankaBabic said...

Dear Friends,

I know exactly what are you talking about.

This blog owner shares a part of my own experiences. I was blessed to hear His name and then blessed to be terribly disappointed by my devotion (by strict following Sai Baba's guidance).

Over all "9 circles of the hell" I walked barefoot (lost all my properties, honor,my family couldn't suffer enough and I was ready only to commit suicide). This drama lasted from 1998 until last (2010)year. Losing all material things was traumatic and emotionally painful, but the biggest pain came from being cheated by my beloved Swami.

All this time I was faced by the real and big dangerous, but somehow ... passing through them I felt I was wrapped by the goodness and love. What could I than credit my own imagination for having that sense of being protected?

During my deepest suffering, I was not only quarreling with Baba, but I enjoyed beating Him (in my thoughts).

I was never "studying" His cheating in making miracles, because He has materialized the concrete cistern full of water (and many people saw that, far away from India - in one village in Serbia, during our civil war, when was lack of water).WHEN HE COULD DONE THIS - ALL OTHER SURELY IS NOT FRAUD. I must tell I have never met Him in physical. Only have had communication over the thoughts and prayers. Sai Baba has rescued my life who knows how many times, creating a big miracles.

Period from 1998-2010 I could consider as "challenge" - but I sense this is inadequate. I WAS EDUCATED.

Today I know, by all means how SAI BABA IS WHAT HE SAYS HE IS.


Sorry if this was too long comment. Also, English is not my native and I did my best to share my experience with you.


Branka Babic,
Belgrade, Serbia

aravind sai viswesh said...

you are too messed up to realize his greatness, just like christ was not known before(except jerusalem).
IDIOTS WHO THINK THEY CAN FOOL doctors, scientists, intellectuals and others and write their own blogs because freedom of speech says so.
If you can't then like i said :)))).

aravind sai viswesh said...

you are an idiot , if you think he could fool the whole world, i could only say hehehe :)_

BrankaBabic said...

With a due respect to the freedom of speech, dear Aravind Sai Viswesh, I would like to remind you that Sri Satya Sai Baba never asked from His devotes to "defend" Him. But if we who think (or believe) different than this blog owner, want to tell our opinion, express our beliefs or share our own experience, please let it be in the manner of the decency and the speech which considers dialogue.

Sri Satya Sai Baba would never call anyone an idiot. Please do not forget how, whatever we talk about - always we talk about ourselves.

Branka Babic

Jack said...

He was a disgusting man, and it's mind boggling that even when exposed for sex abuse and trickery, people still follow him.

Shahib said...

If Jesus and Mohammed would have lived in the 20th century, they would have also become a millionaire, like this charlatan Sai Baba. Because they also did similar tricks to lure their followers and make them blind. One of them walk on water, the other one payed a visit to paradise, and so on. It is a pity that until today a vast majority of the people in the world still believe in such illusions and nonsenses.

Alam said...

Nice Article! Thanks for sharing with us.

Hindu Saint


dear all so many people said so many things...but whatever may be the religion of all those people who r commenting has to no that GOD IS ONE... jesus christ...or ram or krishna...allah whatever may be the name u want to give... all of them said..that save and help alll...

speak on...

we r not really following any one god...




Anonymous said...

Dear one

there are many mixed views published but please note Sathya Sai Baba has never asked for anyone to follow him or believe in him.

All he stands for is for all to live in love and to
serve man kind with love and humanity
Excel in the religion you choose and to follow the god of your choice
with full faith and love and devotion.

to Be the best person you can be and to respect each and every being.

Sai Ram

Roland said...

All he stood for was live in love....? So why did he use trickery like a common fraud?

Vijay Gautham said...

I am glad his tricks were exposed !!! but yes millions of foolowers!!!!