Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pathetic Wailing

Hey, did anyone of your products ever get a bad review? If so... deal with it. Unlike Justin Miller and Robert Smith. Both had bad product reviews by Wizards Product reviewers Craig Petty and David Penn. And they are pretty upset:

And there are four more videos of this. And while Justin Miller and Robert Smith have valid points they go way too far. Seriously, before you get pissed of at Craig Petty and David Penn you should take a look at them. They are two nerds who do magic. What about them makes you take them seriously? They are laughable losers like most of us. Those are two guys who give the face down WOW-gimmick a good review. That thing stinks of gimmick. Craig Petty and David Penn are as far from the real world as possible.
So don't get angry at some school boys for not liking your toys. Yeah right, toys.

Grow up man!

Just saying Craig Petty & David Penn don't even get what "ANY Card at ANY Number" means. At 8:20... just watch that bit.

This is not ANY card at any number. And if they don't get the effects straight how do you think they get their magic thinking straight?

To sum up my little rant here: Craig Petty and David Penn are loser, Justin Miller and Robert Smith are whiny and people have opinions about people and things and you don't have to like it.

Again: Grow up man!

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Bizzaro. said...

Their reviews are sometimes far from unbiased.