Friday, February 18, 2011

Straight Eye For The Queer Guy

Why do certain illusionist even bother to look sexually interested in their female assistants, when they are so obviously gay?

I don't care that they are gay, but I do care that they are such bad actors.

I don't wanna pick on Jan Rouven here, it is more a general thing. It feels odd to see an obviously gay man dry humping a female dance. (can't find the video)

So either hide the gayness so the actions fit the picture, or don't flirt with the female assistance on stage. Either way, I don't care!


Alcyon said...

Whaaa!? My gaydar must need a tune up; he just seems more Euro than gay. Sorry to the European readers.

The magic...bleh! My least favourite style and done in a rather vapid manner. Didn't really seem to wow the audience, did he?

By the way Roland, I can't leave a comment on your Daily Card Trick blog, so I'll say it here: thank-you! You're showing some great work there, and I really like the Goldstein tricks.

Markus said...

What confuses me more here is the use of Central/South American native style costuming and an Asian themed prop.

Keagan said...

Actually, I've met him. He's very gay and rather charming.

Anonymous said...

Lies. He is not gay. You just want him to be.