Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Move

Uh, uh, uh *raisingmyarmlikeaknowitall* I know what it is.

I remember those cheap paper glasses that made every spectator who wore them look stupid. Nice idea to apply this to camera. And asking 24.95 per DVD and gimmick is like 500% the investment. Well done Paper Crane Magic, well done! You understood the concept of a business.


Anonymous said...

To be fair thats not too bad but they appear to be a company in desperate need of product to put out which leads to some interesting products.

Check out Infinity Bend for the most ridiculous coin bend concept ever.

Dungeon said...

Ha ha I am one of the founders of paper crane magic and the coin bend was one of our failures. I am no longer with paper crane but I know they are big fans of WMF so I am sure they are please to see this up. I think its a fun prop for a hobbyist and if you knew how pricing works in the magic business then you would see why something like Illuminate costs that much and why they are not making as much as you might think on this item.