Friday, February 11, 2011

One on One

Price in US dollar per hour

Michael Ammar 175
Aaron Fisher 100
Daniel Garcia 150
Daryl 125
John Guastaferro 100
Jay Sankey 100
Lee Asher 130
Wayne Houchin 150
Gergory Wilson 100
Richard Sanders 130
Eric Jones 100
Morgan Strebler 100
Huron Low 155
Calen Morelli 99
Joshua Jay 100
Sean Fields 99,95
Daniel Madison 150
Rich Ferguson 125
Eric Ross 105
Dan Sperry 49,95
Nate Kranzo 99,95
David Regal 125

These are the prices that the artist charge for a one on one Skype session. Some call it greed, some call it whoring out. Fact: Those magicians obviously don't get enough money performing magic, ergo they have to take the money from other magicians.

And Dan Sperry... he's a bargain. So here is my party idea. Since an hour of Skype is cheaper than booking the magician for real, book an hour. Let's assume you book Michael Ammar. 150 dollars and he is your slave for one hour. Make him show you his entire act. That way you get the show way cheaper than booking him. You can record it to and put it up on YouTube. There are endless possibilities to screw with those guys. But I guess I am mean spirited here. Let's be constructive.

I jump on board. Contact me via Skype and I will do the same thing they do (tell you how much you suck and what you can fix to be more like me) But I do it for free.

This is a waste of money. Sorry, but there is no other way to put it. I have done Skype sessions with really good magicians. One hour vanishes like a coin in thin air. So you would spend 100 bucks and get very little. Buy books. Perform for real people. All way cheaper and you can eventually say that you did it all yourself.

If there is one thing most magicians need, it is not a one on one about magic, but a one on one about social training.


Jack said...

Seems to me like
1. Its overpriced.
2. Some have no teaching experience whatsoever, so they really shouldn't be on there. It's like I would advertise myself as a plumber tomorrow and charge more than the guy who has done it for decades.

Jack said...

It's a bit of a disgrace really...

Marc Mayhem said...

you want to learn and get better?

Do not pay for one to one session - grab a table and go out and busk.

You will learn and you will earn!

just sayin...

Jack said...

A mentor can be priceless though. Just not sure they are on that list...

Alcyon said...

Devil's advocate says...fifty bucks is about the going rate locally for a hour long magic lesson, locally, with a young, reasonably proficient magician. So it seems as though some on the list are bargains. Assuming the session was booked with a specific aim. I think it could be given a positive interpretation, too.

Except Calen Morelli. I really like some of his effects, but when he's filmed performing in public, he comes across as particularly callow and unpolished. A "one on one about social training" indeed! One hundred dollars my ***!

tim said...

You want expensive magic lessons... try here!

LD said...

I remember when I was younger that magic mentors were free. You'd get together with a local magician and get some one on one time. We would also hang out with the local club and learn from others. Magic is inherently an art that must involve mentoring and sharing. Now, I don't necessarily oppose charging for lessons, but there is a difference between mentoring and charging for lessons. They aren't the same and shouldn't be thought of as the same.

I also think some of the prices for Skype lessons are a little ridiculous. Obviously a popular magician can't give away all their time. But something about this just doesn't sit right with me.

I agree with a lot of the others, get out there and busk for awhile and you'll get a lot of practice and more value than a one hour lesson.

the Minutemen said...

Kind of sad to see magicians that I know and respect now need to do business and earn money from magicians, not only to laymen.

There will always be 'for' 'against' reasons for anything in this world.

However, I do not think this kind of Skype session will do real benefit and make the one who pay will progress much.

My suggestion is:
Read a book
Perform to real people and learn from your own experience

Famous magicians are good to hang out with, only during convention or when you work with them, other than that, they are mostly just normal people, worry about how to pay their bills, food, and mortgage.

the Minutemen said...

By the way, the price is just confused. Because what I saw in Ammar's web site workshop face to face is only $45 for 75 minutes.

Now I do a Skype session for $175 per hour is really kind of expensive in any method of calculating the benefit towards the payer.