Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Jack of All Trades

A year ago I got a call from state penitentiary. One of the inmates was sentenced to death. To be fried in the chair. His last wish... he wanted to see a magician. So I went there.

I sat in a room. Around me six prison wards. Across the table the young man, that would soon be dead. In his cuffed hands he held a deck of cards. Then he gave me the cards and said: "Do that trick where the card always comes to the top!" Well, what could I do? I asked him to name a card. "Jack of Clubs" he said. I asked why. He answered "Because the Jack of Clubs is like me".

I had him sign the face of the card. He made three X's!

Well I made the Jack of Clubs come to the top of the deck a few times. Finally I palmed the card, and reached for my wallet. When I opened it to show the card was there the young man cried out in happiness "Freedom!"

It was so awkward. So strange. Well, he was allowed to keep the card. And then he was locked away. I got my fee and left. I never saw him again. I still don't know what he hoped for when he asked to see a magician.
Later I was told, that when they untied him from the chair, his hand still held the Jack of Clubs.

I dream of weird stuff lately!


Christopher said...

dood that is trippy. it sounds like an xfiles episode.

Jim, Mary Ann said...

And you charged a fee for this? How disappointing.

Roland said...

Well, it was a dream. carging money was the least I could do!

ablanathanalba said...

In cartomancy, "The Jack of Clubs indicates an encounter with a loyal friend who can be trusted to aid you." Too bad he got zapped.

Gary Magic said...

I now know the real meaning of "This trick will fry your brains!!"
I like it!