Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Magic Regrets 04

Again big thanks to Phil for making these. Here is what I like about them. They are not mean spirited, but pretty constructive. So if you are the maker of a certain "magic regret" don't be mad. See it as encouragement to do better next time. Everyone fucks up once in a while, and if there is nobody to point it out it is bound to happen again.

And about card through window... we have come a long way since the first card through window hype surrounding the Peter Marvey version.

Personally, the old school version with the curtain in front of the window is a classic. It is solid, good and a work horse. Just take a duplicate card, stick it to the window and you are good to go. And all can be done way in advance. In fact here is what I did one time: Imagine the picture! I had a show in one of those office buildings. So high that you cannot open the window. I actually bribed the guy in charge of cleaning the window to stick it to the outside of a specific office. Right behind one of those big plants. Later in the show I removed the plant under some pretext and was good to go. That was one hell of a reaction and I got booked again. Well worth the 50 Euros it cost me to bribe the guy. And still cheaper than most of the versions that are out there.

About the ring box: It might be the wrong box, but the box you get is actually mighty fine if I recall correctly.

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