Monday, February 21, 2011

WMF Gregg Ace

This is a fun one. This week's failure is Gregg Ace a handyman from New York who does business in Connecticut. He calls himself "The Magic Handyman" and he is a true Jack of all trades. He does carpenter work, electrical work, music and among all that he also does magic. He even has a YouTube channel to call his own.

And what does he do with his Channel? Exposing magic of course. In the video below you will see him explaining the top card palm. He puts emphasis on the fact that he is teaching it correctly. Well he is not. But see for yourself:

Among the things he exposes: The Side Steal, The Mexican Turn Over (well done I might add) and the Back Palm production.

The interesting thing is this: I feel like he really wants to help people with their magic. He seems to have a "true" heart. But helping people's magic with indirect tutoring not the best way to go. What I would recommend is this. Real time sessions via Skype. You will get a kick out of this. It's free, you learn to know your magic buddy. You can talk about all sorts of thing, not just magic. In fact an online Skype tutoring session is rewarding to both master and student. As long as the master doesn't charge money for it. (Unless the student wants to pay.)

So Gregg. You seem to love magic, why hurt it by not knowing who your students are? Just saying!

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