Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just A Sunday Post #84

Lately I feel like a father who has a kid who loves to draw. Naturally all of that the images are crap but you can tell that a lot of effort went into most of them. And like a daddy, I love to see what my little son has come up with today. Sometimes it is a picture of a bird and sometimes a space ship. Hard to tell the difference most of the time.

Pretty much this is what I feel when I take my daily look at the latest Calen Morelli creation.

One day he will grow up and be someone creative.


Trickster said...

Oh my, that really is complete crap.

"One day he will grow up and be someone creative."

You don't really believe that do you?
People will pay for his crap, Penguin will validate the crap he produces and he will continue to produce more crap.

Roland said...

I honestly think that Calen Morelli might grow up eventually and take magic seriously. nahhh. just kidding of course

Dallas Puppet Theater said...

The problem is that

A. Someone actually thinks this is not something that, if original at all, warrants "trick in a magazine" status.

B. People will pay for something as simple as "stick a hunk of straw on a wrapper and slide it around."

C. How long before this "take old tricks, change the name, make a video demo with a minute of non related content, rights free music, and edited effect" Ponzi scheme collapses? At some point, all the people who purchased these tricks will have become creators of similarly awful effects. Then, as Oliver says, Who will buy?

Jack said...

The handling seemed very clean, but what on earth was the effect?

the Minutemen said...

Calen Morelli tend like to use the same concept and apply it to any household items he can find around him at his presnt state.

I am totally speechless to see his performance.

May I quote what Cyril Takayama said. What is the most magical experience for a poor, hungry man stand outside a hamburger shop? You make a hamburger appear!

Even he just produced a taco from Taco Bell's poster will be much more magical than that.

Ethcial in the magic community? I don't seem I can find any these days.